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  Our site brings together buyers and sellers of used auto parts. We do not sell the used parts and any warranty must be obtained from the salvage yard, auto dismantler, junk yard or auto wrecker that you purchase the parts from.

We recognize that, on occasion, issues may arise for which you may have a question. This support page answers some of the common questions you may have when using our service. If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1) Why wasn't I able to place a used auto parts request?

Our site makes extensive use of Javascript. Please be sure that your browser is Javascript enabled. For information on how to enable Javascript for your browser check your browser's help section under Javascript. If you have Javascript enabled and are still having problems, please contact us.

2) How does your used auto parts locating service work?

When you complete the used auto parts request form, the information you provide us is transmitted by email to the salvage yards, auto wreckers, junkyards, auto recyclers and other used or rebuilt auto parts suppliers located throughout the United States and Canada that subscribe to our service.

The subject line of the email that is sent contains the year, make and model of the car you need a part for, as well as a brief description of the part you are looking for. If the auto recyclers and junkyards that subscribe to our service have the used auto or truck parts that you are looking for then they will respond to your part request by email and quote you a price.

3) When can I expect responses to my part request?

Response times can vary from several minutes to several days, depending on the day and time you place your part request and the make and model of the car or truck the part request applies to. Depending on the age of your vehicle and whether it's considered a rare automobile, it is possible that our subscribers won't have the part you are looking for. We hope not.

4) What if a salvage yard sends me the wrong part?

While we cannot guarantee that mistakes won't happen, we'll try our best to ensure that you're a satisfied customer. Remember, however, that we do not sell any parts. We are simply a parts locating service that brings buyers and sellers together.